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New Pre-charged air rifles

FX Dreamline Tactical

FX Dreamline Tactical

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Weight: Lite - 5lb 5oz (2.42kg)
             Classic - 5lb 8oz (2.49kg)
             Tactical - 4lb 10oz (2.11kg) (unstocked)

Shots per fill: ~150 in .177

Single/Multi-shot: Multi (22rd mag in .177)

Stock material: Classic - Synthetic (available in Walnut and Laminate)
                         Lite - N/A

Power output: 11.6ft.lbs (JSB Exact 4.52 8.44gr)

We offer a completely free lifetime warranty and servicing on new PCP air rifles which covers any repairs and servicing for the duration of the first ownership.

This Tactical variant does not come with a stock, but any mil-spec AR15 stock will fit. These are readily available online in many different sizes.

This is a superbly well engineered, fully modular rifle designed to be whatever you want it to be. The Lite is a super lightweight skeletal hunting rifle, the classic is still very light but designed to be more of a 'regular' rifle and the bullpup is a very short, compact setup. The barrels of these rifles can be interchanged for different calibres, as can the stocks and setups, meaning if you need a Lite for a lightweight hunter at the weekend, but want a nice looking walnut stock during the week, this rifle does it all.

We also offer a personal service for the delivery of guns (airguns, shotguns and rifles) within 50 miles for just £7.50. Delivery day/time will need to be discussed and arrange upon purchase. For this option no matter how close you are to us, please select the "door-to-door" delivery upon checkout.

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