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FAC-rated Air Rifles

Daystate Wolverine 2 B Type HiLite FAC .22

Daystate Wolverine 2 B Type HiLite FAC .22

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This is a stunning example of one of Daystate's finest rifles. It has an exquisite walnut stock to which the photos don't do justice and its carbon fibre bottle makes it a very light FAC airgun. It, unlike other manufacturers, doesn't have a longer barrel than the standard version which ensures it stays well balanced and pointable. It has a power output of 28ft.lbs with 16gr pellets, but Daystate have tested the rifle with 21gr pellets and it will do 30ft.lbs. It has a very large shot count, boasting 80 shots per fill.

Includes a spare 10 round magazine

This rifle also of course comes with our free lifetime warranty and servicing.

FAC-rated airguns have benefits and disadvantages over .22LR rifles in that these airguns don't quite have the same power as a .22LR, but that means they require less of a backstop. High powered airguns will, after only a few hundred metres, have no energy and be completely safe. A .22LR however is dangerous to 1.5 miles. This makes these airguns much better for land over which there are footpaths.